Custom Wardrobe Renovation

Do your clothing and accessories deserve more elegant storage space? Our tailor-made wardrobe renovations provide the ideal solutions. 

Our approach to custom-building wardrobes reflects the sophisticated tastes and dynamic culture on the Gold Coast.

To improve both functionality and aesthetics, your wardrobe space, no matter its size or shape, can be personalised.

Your newly renovated wardrobe spaces will integrate beautifully into your home decor. And you’ll be sure to appreciate their custom-built functionality.

Enhancing Your Wardrobe Space 

Enhancing your wardrobe involves more than increasing storage; it’s about creating a personalised space that aligns with your lifestyle.

Customising your wardrobe will reflect your individual style and storage needs. This will not only enhance your personal enjoyment of your home, but its value will also be noticed by buyers should your property be on the market in the future.  

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Custom Storage Solutions

Our wardrobe renovations focus on maximising space and improving organisation. Bespoke shelving and drawers, as well as versatile hanging solutions, can all be designed to meet your unique needs.

Opting for sliding doors can save space in smaller rooms, while a custom-designed shoe rack will keep your footwear organised and easily accessible.

Consider installing built-in drawers with dividers for organising smaller items like socks and underwear. Adjustable shelving and expandable hanging rods can accommodate different types of clothing and accessories. 

Elegant lighting inside your wardrobe with the inclusion of a full-length mirror, will make selecting your outfits a joy. Illuminating your personal effects will also add a touch of luxury. 

The Renovation Journey

Personalised Planning

Your wardrobe renovation with Wood Marble & White begins with an easy consultation. This is an opportunity for our designers to align themselves with your style and functional preferences and for you to gain insights into our processes and resources.

Creativity plays an important role on this journey, so too does meticulous planning. As well as ensuring the final design is a perfect fit with your lifestyle, we also want installation to go smoothly for you.

Efficient and Clean Installation

Our installation process is a model of efficiency. We minimise disruption, being as non-intrusive as possible, to make your transition to a newly renovated wardrobe stress free.

Benefits of a Wardrobe Makeover

Enhanced Accessibility

Our custom wardrobe makeovers allow for quicker, easier access to your clothing and accessories, with clutter reduced and the condition of your personal effects being easier to maintain.

Value Addition to Your Home

Well-designed, aesthetically pleasing wardrobes appeal to home buyers, so wardrobe renovation is an investment that offers you  functionality and style while also adding value to your property.

Why choose Wood Marble & White?

Wood Marble & White is known across South East Queensland and the Northern Rivers for bespoke design and meticulous attention to detail. Our work reflects our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

You will enjoy our collaborative approach and the benefit of having our design team creating wardrobe spaces that not only meet your storage needs but also complement your home’s decor.

Why WMW Gold Coast Wardrobe Cabinet and Luxury Kitchen builder

Superior Finishes and Materials

Our wardrobe renovations are crafted from the best materials to ensure luxury finishes as well as longevity. 

This includes high-quality timbers, engineered veneers, and high-performance laminates that stand up to daily wear and tear while maintaining their premium appearance.

Superior Fittings and Fixtures

Our wardrobes are fitted with the finest fixtures, from soft-close hinges to custom-designed handles, all selected for their functionality and style. 

These details not only enhance the usability of your wardrobe but also contribute to its overall sophisticated look.

Our Joinery at Molendinar

Our Molendinar joinery is where all our wardrobe pieces are crafted. Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with traditional carpentry ensures that every piece can be customised to perfectly meet the needs of your space.

Servicing the Gold Coast to Byron Bay 

If you reside in either the Gold Coast or Byron Bay regions, then our custom wardrobe services are available to you, as well as the high-quality results we achieve for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry renovations.

Wardrobe Renovation FAQ

Why should I opt for a wardrobe renovation?  

A renovation can dramatically improve how you store and access your clothing and accessories. Being more organised, you will find your dressing routines will be smoother and more enjoyable.

How long does a wardrobe renovation project take?  

Projects can vary but typically range from a few weeks to months, based on the complexity and customisation required.

Can you handle irregular spaces?  

Yes, our expertise in custom solutions makes us ideal for tackling challenging spaces, ensuring every square millimetre is properly considered for best use.

Ready to Upgrade Your Wardrobes?  

Reach out to us now to begin your journey toward beautifully renovated wardrobe spaces tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

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Wood, Marble & White aspires to deliver the ultimate in wardrobe design through professional management and inspired innovation here on the Gold Coast. Our creative design teams have repeatedly produced wardrobes that provide luxury, comfort and functionality.  Our present luxury concepts that challenge convention and advance the industry.

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Everything we design is inspired by a full understanding of your needs. We create luxurious, comfortable and functional wardrobes that have a timeless elegance. Made to order on the Gold Coast and built to last, your Wood, Marble & White wardrobe designs will look as good tomorrow as it does today. 

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