Dream Luxury Kitchen Renovation in Brisbane with Wood Marble & White

You’re in the right place if your Brisbane home is itching for a luxury kitchen renovation.

Wood Marble & White is an award-winning kitchen designer, manufacturer and installer. When you choose us to renovate your Brisbane kitchen, you can look forward to a masterpiece of style, functionality and opulence.

Luxury kitchen renovation process

Luxury kitchen renovation is all about creating a dedicated culinary space that exudes sophistication and functionality. And it should retain its fit-for-purpose qualities and its good looks for the long term. 

As an investment, a luxury kitchen will increase the perceived and real value of your property. More than that, the enjoyment of your kitchen will also grow significantly.

Our approach to luxury kitchen makeover focuses on quality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. 

To get started on your kitchen renovation, follow these tips:

Your vision

Develop a clear vision. You want to be able to name the style, colour scheme, and features you see in your dream kitchen. Luxury is all about personalisation.

Your budget

Cost may not be the primary concern when it comes to your standard of luxury. However, for materials, appliances, and finishes, setting a budget helps distil your choices.

Your space

Luxury kitchens maximise both space and functionality. Evaluate your kitchen’s dimensions. Consider the traffic flow. 

Optimise the layout for easy access to the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. Refer to the Golden Triangle Rule for efficient layout.

Your materials

Invest in top-notch materials, such as stone countertops and hardwood cabinets, to ensure durability and elegance.

Ingredients for your dream kitchen

Custom design

Your kitchen should definitely be a one-of-a-kind design. Make it suit your lifestyle. Perhaps it needs to be a space for entertaining guests. Or maybe you’d prefer a more intimate space. You choose. 

Embrace unique features, such as a chef-inspired cooking station or a grand island bench.

Light up

The mood your kitchen conveys is crucial. At one end of the spectrum there is the ‘industrial’ look, which those preferring the other end of the spectrum say is colder and more neutral than the warmer, more inviting atmosphere they’d like to greet their family and guests. Either way, carefully choosing your lighting options can elevate the ambience.

Premium appliances

In the world of premium kitchen appliances, you’ll find some wonderful expressions of technology. Built-in ovens, high-end refrigerators, and ‘smart’ cooking solutions have benefits that can take your kitchen to the next level in functionality and aesthetics. 

Elevating your kitchen’s aesthetics

Colour and texture

Choose a colour palette that resonates with your taste. Add stone for texture and marble for luxury.


The backsplash presents an opportunity to create interest and contrast in your space, making an artistic statement or by adding a pop of colour.


For a sleek and modern look, opt for minimalist design with clean lines and open spaces.

Choosing the perfect cabinetry

Cabinetry plays a pivotal role in defining your kitchen’s luxury. Here are your cabinetry options:

Timber cabinets

Select classic timber cabinets that exude elegance. Wood can be left natural or customised by painting or staining.

Eco-friendly options

Consider cabinets made from recycled materials. Your eco-friendly investment would mean a smaller carbon footprint and you’ll be choosing from more unique finishes as well.

Stainless steel cabinets

Stainless steel offers durability, stain resistance, and hygiene advantages, as well as a sleek modern look. But you’ll need to watch out for scratches and dents to your cabinetry.

Optimise your kitchen layout

Island bench

An island bench creates welcome extra space for food preparation. It also allows you to embrace the social aspect of cooking.

U-shaped layout

U-shaped kitchen layouts combine functionality and aesthetics, making it ideal for multiple cooks, as well as the family.

L-shaped kitchens

L-shaped kitchens are also easier layouts when two people work together. Along with the practical benefits, the layout also offers stylistic opportunities.

Straight-line kitchens

Straight-line kitchens are minimalistic, efficient and ideal for small spaces.

Galley kitchens

Galley kitchens maximise space, making them suitable for narrow houses.

Peninsula kitchen (G-shaped)

Peninsula kitchens offer additional bench space and a social layout, perfect for smaller areas.

DIY or professional renovation?

Set a plan

Whether you choose a professional or DIY renovation, always start with a clear plan.

Professional renovation

For a high-quality, stress-free renovation, get the experts in. Along with their expertise and experience, they can also offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the choice of materials, finishes and appliances.

DIY renovation

If you’re a hands-on homeowner, a DIY renovation can be rewarding. However, be prepared for the challenges and the time commitment this will require.

Financing your dream kitchen

A luxury kitchen renovation can be financed in several ways. Consider the following:

Increase your existing home loan

Funding your renovation by leveraging your home equity will mean better interest rates.

Construction loan

A construction loan will depend on an appraisal of your property’s value post-renovation.

Personal loan

A personal loan could be a simple option for smaller cosmetic updates.

Credit cards

As with a personal loan, using your credit card for minor renovations is convenient but beware of high-interest rates.

Expert kitchen renovators in Brisbane

Collaborating with Wood Marble and White, you will be able to have your kitchen become a culinary masterpiece that is testament to luxury and quality.

Would you like to learn more? Request our 2023 Kitchens Brochure today. 

It is always an absolute pleasure to collaborate on a project with great designers and SERENE GREEN in Brisbane was no exception.