The Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

We’re in the business of kitchen installation and renovation on the Gold Coast. And, like you, we’re keen to see what’s trending in kitchen design.

The kitchen is the beating heart of your home. Is it any wonder that kitchen design is so important?

Without further ado, here are the Gold Coast’s top 5 kitchen design trends for 2023…

1. Open-Plan Kitchen Design

Open-plan kitchens feel more spacious and airy. And the trend for open plan spaces in Gold Coast properties is more popular than ever.

Benefits: Open-plan kitchens feel more inviting. They allow for easy conversation and collaboration. And they really hit their stride when you are entertaining guests.

Drawbacks: Open-plan kitchens can be noisy, especially while you are cooking and someone else is trying to do their homework or worse, watch their Netflix. Open-plan designs can also mean a tendency for food and messes to spread from one area to another.

Open-Plan Kitchens Gold Coast

2. Integrated Appliances

A kitchen design trend, fast gaining momentum, is the use of integrated appliances. Here the aim is to have the appliances blend in with the cabinetry, so they’re barely noticeable. This creates a more seamless, streamlined look.

Benefits: Kitchens with integrated appliances look modern and stylish. Integrated appliances don’t take up as much visual real estate as freestanding appliances, so they also help save space.

Drawbacks: Integrated appliances are generally more expensive than freestanding appliances. They can also be more difficult to repair because ease of access is compromised.

3. Natural Materials

Natural materials continue to be popular in Gold Coast kitchens. Wood, stone, and marble add a touch of luxury and warmth and like other natural materials, they are unlikely to go out of style in our lifetimes.

Benefits: Natural materials are beautiful, durable, and bring calm and relaxation to the space.

Drawbacks: Natural materials can be expensive. They can also be difficult to maintain, as they will need regular cleaning and polishing.

4. Colourful Cabinets

Colourful cabinets add personality and they have plenty of fans on the Gold Coast. Popular choices include bold colours, such as red, blue, and green. Muted colours, such as grey or white, are also in vogue.

Benefits: Colourful cabinets can make the kitchen feel more fun and inviting. They can also help brighten up a dark space.

Drawbacks: Matching colourful cabinets with other elements in the kitchen can be more difficult. These cabinets might need more attention when cleaning because stains tend to stand out on some coloured surfaces.

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5. Smart Home Technology

When it comes to the rising popularity of smart home technology, the kitchen is no exception. Controlled by voice or smartphone, smart appliances promise hands-free kitchen duties.

Benefits: Smart home technology bring more convenience and efficiency to the kitchen. Smart appliances can also help save energy, remotely powering off when they’re not being used.

Drawbacks: Smart home technology can be expensive. If you’re not tech-savvy, it can also present set up difficulties.

The kitchen design trends outlined in this article inspire stylish and functional kitchen installations and renovations. All you need to do is choose a kitchen design you’ll love. At Wood Marble & White, we can take care of everything else.