The best option for your Gold Coast kitchen installation

What’s the right option for your kitchen installation?

This is one of the most important renovation decisions you’ll make. But regardless, the chances of completing your project on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction, improve significantly when you partner up with a reputable and experienced kitchen installation team.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of the two main options for kitchen installations.

Build on the Existing

For many kitchen installations, it makes sense to create a new and improved space by building on the existing.

Best options for your Gold Coast kitchen installation

Here are some benefits of working with what you already have:


Building on the existing is often the cost-effective option. Reusing some existing components, such as cabinets or countertops — even if they need sprucing up — can save you money.

Saves time

You can also save time by working with what you already have. There’ll be less to remove and it’s the way to go when a tight timeline applies to your kitchen installation.


The environmentally conscious option is to build on the existing. Reusing existing components reduces waste and minimises environmental impact.


Building on the existing doesn’t mean sacrificing customisability. Working with an installation professional on what you already have, you’ll still be able to create a kitchen fit for your specific needs and preferences.

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Start with a Blank Canvas

Starting with a blank canvas offers greater creative freedom. There’ll be no need to work around any existing fixtures or fittings.

Together with your kitchen installer, you can create a beautiful space that can also be highly functional.

If your agenda includes plans to sell the property, your kitchen installer can recommend certain features or appliances that would add value.

Here are some advantages of starting your kitchen installation with a blank canvas:

Flexibility in Design

Starting with a blank canvas — rather than being limited by an existing layout — means unfettered kitchen design flexibility.

The size and shape of the kitchen can be customised as needed and your kitchen designer will be able to create a room that perfectly suits your lifestyle.


Not being limited to what is already there, a blank canvas means you and your kitchen installer will be free to use the colours, materials, and finishes you prefer.

In this way, the kitchen — personalised according to your specific tastes — can truly reflect your personality.

Increased Functionality

Starting with a blank canvas also favours highly functional design. It will be easier to include appliances and storage solutions in your kitchen installation to suit your needs perfectly.

In summary

In summary, by engaging a team of experienced professionals and building on the existing, you can certainly create a dream kitchen.

If you need more design flexibility, the obvious option is to start with a blank canvas. Along with being free to personalise the space to your specific tastes, a kitchen designed for optimum functionality is also more easily achieved.

Whichever option you choose, Wood Marble & White can help. Feel free to discuss your kitchen installation project with us or visit our Gold Coast Kitchen Showroom today.

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