Roly RoundUp – Top 3 Kitchen Colour Trends 2020

Roly RoundUp – June 2020

3 Best Kitchen Colour Trends for 2020

This month I decided to revive myself from my COVID-19 fog.  I have to admit that I seem to be the only one at WMW that has been able to take some time out (although let’s be honest – nothing new there), everyone else at WMW has been hard at it during the entire time, as they were incredibly fortunate that the building and construction industry remained open♥.


With a lot of you humans spending more time at home than previously you have probably noticed how it might be time to carry out some renovations in the home, and in particular, the kitchen.  This along with the timely introduction of the government incentive to help out with the cost of these renovations, I thought it would be a good idea to look at the kitchen colour trends of 2020.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms/areas in a house – it is often the place where the entire family will congregate and where most of the socialising occurs.  The kitchen is most definitely the heart of the home and so it is important that you absolutely love yours!


Black is back

According to 2020 Elle Décor we shall see a lot of black kitchen cabinetry this year, and from what I have seen being designed in the showroom and created in the factory I would have to agree.  Black is so classic and versatile as you can pair it anything from warm woods to crisp whites. This is an absolutely beautiful example of this trend, we loved the end result as did the client.


Image of one of the best kitchen colour trends in 2020


Mixed Wood

This trend is very ‘now’ and is most definitely the talk of the town, having been covered by everyone from Elle Décor to Home Beautiful.  The older style of this trend was mixing different paint colours, so overheads in one colour and base cabinetry in another.  The use of the wood grain provides a warmth and texture to the cabinetry, whilst the use of colour provides interest.


Image of an Australian kitchen colour trend we love!


Sea Green

Now I know that my Mum was never so happy as to see this colour re-emerge as a 2020 trend.  This colour takes her back to her favourite pair of shoes when she was younger.  This gorgeous  colour immediately creates a feeling of tranquillity and serenity, and it goes with nearly everything.  Here in all its glory is our stunning example of this kitchen colour on the front cover of the Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Yearbook ♥ (we were so proud when we got the phone call to say that they had picked our kitchen).

Image of a magazine focused on kitchen designs and trends


Well hopefully I have whetted your appetite and set your tongues wagging.  If you had to pick a favourite – which do you think you would be going with?

Until next time – Toddle Pips 


Roly RoundUp – January 2020

3 Best Bathroom Trends for 2020

This month I decided that as it has been so hot and I have spent a lot of time lying in the bathroom as – ahhhhhhhh – those tiles ♥, we will be celebrating the humble bathroom.  No longer is this a space to be forgotten.  Dog lovers of the World unite to make this a space that your pampered pooch can escape to – that is beautiful and functional (and an absolute sanctuary from the heat).

Although one of the smallest rooms in the house – bathrooms are now becoming a luxurious and beautiful statement, all of this without losing the core functionality of this space.

All that glitters is Gold

One of the hottest trends to hit 2020 is Gold – very apt considering we live on the ‘Gold Coast’ and so if anyone can pull it off it should totally be us.

You can fully embrace the trend, or you can look at adding subtle accents throughout the bathroom, think gold taps, gold light feature, possible a gilded framed mirror then you can add layers by utilising gold accessories such as soap dispensers, maybe a candle or two.

The image below is courtesy of Pinterest.

Image of one of the best bathroom trends in 2020

Black is back

According to 2020 Home Design report from Houzz

‘A surprising addition to the most popular search terms this year (2019) was “black bathroom” which wasn’t in the charts at all in 2018.  Some of the most popular photos at the end of 2019 back up this emerging trend, with images featuring black painted walls, black metal-framed screens and even black slate wall covering all finding their way onto the site’.

This a truly beautiful example of this trend, that has been perfectly encapsulated by @alisa-lysandra.

Image of Australia's best trends for bathrooms

Statement Bathrooms

Following on from the ‘Black Bathroom’ is the emergence of bold, beautiful and colourful bathrooms.  We are no longer happy to accept the ‘all-white’ bathroom.  We will see a lot of bold colours.  The October edition of Ideal Home talks about the use of contrasting tiles that make a statement, used behind your sinks, back wall of your shower and especially across the floor.  Houzz’s 2020 Design Report talks about the use of pastel colours such as pink (now anyone that knows will know that she is in her absolute element with the mere mention of the word pink), greens and blues, these will be used in the sanitaryware.

I don’t think I could have found a picture that more perfectly fits this trend, the bathroom was created by @lbinteriors, and the sink is from @nood_co.

Image of a trending bathroom design in Australia

Well hopefully I have whetted your appetite and set your tongues wagging.  If you had to pick a favourite trend – which do you think you’d be going with?

Until next month – Toddle Pips