Roly RoundUp for the year 2019


Roly Roundup – A year in reflection

Well I’ve got to say – whoever came up with the term ‘it’s a dogs life’  have no idea how good I have it – I spend most of my days between the showroom and factory, getting more love, hugs and fusses than is naturally possible!  If I’m honest it might be starting to go to my head a bit and I now drink out of a water bowl that has ‘Diva’ on it.

It’s been a pretty big year for Wood, Marble and White and so it seems only right that my first blog looks back at the year.

During this year, we moved factories.  We had been in our factory for the past 4 years, but had definitely outgrown it, and so it was time to move to pastures new.  The opportunity arose to take on a huge space (1600sqm) at the old “Gold Coast Bulletin’ building and we jumped at the chance.  The space is amazing, and it now means we have the perfect manufacturing set up.  I love going out on the floor – I always get lots of pats and fusses, although sometimes the big machines freak me out a bit – I totally accept that I am the biggest sook.

We also attended our very first Expo – ‘The Design Expo’ in Brisbane in July, which was a lot of fun, but a huge undertaking.  We made a complete enclosed box that housed a full-size kitchen. The ‘Blue Beast’ is now on display in our showroom on Brisbane Road, you must come along and visit you will be pretty impressed (if I say so myself).  I couldn’t go to the Expo, for some reason dogs are not allowed in these events?

This display was such a huge undertaking that we felt it was important that the humans went and had some fun – cue – visit to Top Golf.  This really highlighted what a competitive bunch they really are.  I have to say I am not sure where my reward was in this whole process as I once again wasn’t allowed to go to the event.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we have made some changes this year to the showroom – so it is always fresh and exciting.  We have completely pulled out and replaced one of our kitchen displays – in pride of place is ‘The Blue Beast’ as we affectionately call it.  We have also made modifications to the two front displays and really love how these have made such a difference to the overall feel of the kitchen.  We are in the process of completely changing one of our wardrobe displays and that will be all done at the beginning of next year – so something to look forward to.

I was fortunate to attend a couple of events that we held at our showroom – the Kitchen & Bathroom Design Institute held the October QLD chapter event, which was a huge success and we also received a visit from the wonderful staff at Farmers Doors.  The morning was so good, as our very lovely Rep from Furnware Group provided us all with a superb breakfast to really top the day off.

This year was the year of colour with people moving away from the traditional white kitchens, we incorporated pinks, greens, lots of wood grains, black and of course the Pantone colour of 2020 ‘Classic Blue’.

Year in numbers:

Moved from 1050sqm to 1600 sqm factory

Posted 108 Instagram posts

Took on 3 new staff

12 publications in the Kitchens and Bathrooms Magazine and editorials in the Luxury Kitchens and Bathrooms magazine. To top it off we got the Front cover of the December issue of QLD Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly

Some plans for the year ahead …….

Well currently we are drawing up and putting into manufacture a new bathroom centre in our showroom.  WMW don’t do anything by halves and so believe me when I say it will be pretty impressive

We are in the process of redesigning and installing a new Robe in the showroom

WMW are very excited to be putting a big team into the ‘Raw Challenge’ in March 2020 to raise money for CanTeen – there are a number of our suppliers jumping on board as well and so it will be so much fun (unfortunately another one of those events that I am not allowed to go to :(.

‘Awesome Women in Construction’ are hosting one of their amazing events at the showroom.

I believe I speak for everyone when I tell you that we have designed, manufactured and installed some pretty spectacular spaces this year and are planning on entering a number of kitchens into the KBDi and HIA awards – so watch this space……….



Here are the wonderful WMW Team – My Mum, Dad & I, cannot express how truly grateful we are for each and every one of them.  Their passion, professionalism and commitment is absolutely second to none.