Luxury Kitchen Design – the Ultimate Overview

Gold Coast premier luxury kitchen designer, Wood Marble & White, has great experience in turning luxury kitchen dreams into reality. 

The comprehensive overview that follows, takes a straightforward look at the key elements and design principles that go into making a kitchen truly luxurious.


Your home deserves a luxury kitchen — a kitchen that is elegant in style and sophisticated in functionality.

The Gold Coast is renowned for its world class coastal lifestyle and stunning homes. So it seems inevitable that lucky, local homeowners would accept no substitute for their kitchens other than a culinary centrepiece that exudes luxury.

When we speak about luxury, we are talking about kitchens that feature high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, spectacular lighting, and more.

Let’s take a deep dive into the main contributing aspects of luxury kitchen design.

Luxury Gold Coast kitchen, design, manufactured and installed by Wood, Marble & White

A luxury kitchen is where your taste can find its true expression.

1. Premium materials and finishes

To transform an ordinary space into a luxury kitchen, a selection of high quality materials and finishes would need to be considered.

These typically include premium quality options such as marble countertops, exquisite backsplashes, and statement lighting fixtures.

At Wood Marble & White, a great many of these materials and finishes are available from our premier suppliers.

2.  Customisation and personalisation

Personalised details will reflect your style and taste. This includes custom cabinetry, bespoke kitchen islands, and splashbacks.

To have your kitchen designed to your exact preferences, you’ll need to work with seasoned professionals. You’ll find none better than the kitchen design team at Wood Marble & White.

3. State-of-the-art appliances

Kitchen appliance innovations are seemingly endless. For aesthetic, as well as technological reasons, these are designed to help elevate your cooking experience — from professional-grade cooking ranges and ovens to smart refrigerators and coffee stations.

We stay in the know at Wood Marble & White to share recommendations and details about the latest high-end gadgets with our clients.

State of the art appliances are built for luxury kitchen designs.

State of the art appliances are designed and destined for luxury kitchens.

4. Functional and stylish layouts

Your kitchen layout should be optimised. The room should look inviting and the decor and fittings should be aesthetically pleasing and then some. Its functionality needs to be next level.

Talk to the kitchen design team at our Gold Coast headquarters and discuss options that include open-concept designs, ergonomic considerations and optimal use of space.

5. Lighting and ambience

When it comes to creating atmosphere, theatre lighting is an obvious ‘shining’ example.

Good lighting in your kitchen, even before any luxury fittings are in place, can create an atmosphere that is upmarket and luxurious.

Don’t overlook the importance of ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Discuss your kitchen illumination options with the Gold Coast kitchen design experts at Wood Marble & White.


A luxury kitchen in your Gold Coast home is only a phone call or email away.

Make the most rewarding investment in your home and lifestyle by talking to Wood Marble & White. With our expertise in luxury kitchen design and our premium suppliers, you can sit back, relax and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Talk to the team at Wood Marble & White about your luxury kitchen on the Gold Coast.