Lighting Tips for Your Gold Coast Kitchen Design


When it comes to planning your Gold Coast kitchen design, one crucial element that deserves more than a little focus is lighting.

Proper lighting enhances the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and greatly improves its functionality.

The right kitchen lighting can make a world of difference, whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or just wanting to enjoy time with your family in the heart of your home.

Following are some lighting tips that will not only illuminate your kitchen space but also give your kitchen design an edge.

Understanding the 3 Layers of Lighting

Achieving a balanced, versatile lighting scheme involves mastering the three layers of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting sets the overall mood and brightness, usually through ceiling-mounted fixtures.

Task lighting focuses on specific areas of the kitchen, providing clear visibility for cooking and other activities.

Accent lighting adds depth and dimension, highlighting features such as artworks and architectural elements.


Kitchen design with carefully placed lighting to improve ambience and functionality.

Kitchen design with carefully placed lighting to improve ambience and functionality.

Embrace natural light

A good place to start your lighting journey is to maximise natural light. Consider enlarging or adding windows to bring in more daylight.

Natural light brightens spaces and also provides a refreshing ambience.

Layer with pendant lights

Stylish pendant lights can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Opt for a design, whether it’s modern, industrial, rustic, etc, that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Hang pendant lights over kitchen islands or dining areas to create focal points.

Under-cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting provides focused illumination for your countertops, making food preparation safer and more convenient.

LED strip lights are energy-efficient options that can be easily installed for a sleek and hidden lighting solution.

Recessed lighting for a clean look

Recessed lighting creates a clean and modern appearance. These fixtures are installed into the ceiling, providing a seamless look while delivering ample illumination.

Use recessed lighting strategically to avoid shadows in work areas.

Statement chandeliers

A statement chandelier becomes a visual centrepiece and can also become a conversation starter. A well-chosen chandelier above your dining table or island will bring added luxury to your kitchen.

Dimmers for mood control

Control light intensity to suit different occasions and moods by integrating dimmer switches in your lighting setup. Dimming the lights not only saves energy but also adds versatility to your kitchen’s ambience.

Go bold with colour

Inject personality into your kitchen with colourful lighting fixtures. Coloured pendant lights or LED strips can create a vibrant atmosphere, especially in modern or eclectic kitchen designs.

Kitchen cabinet highlights

Consider adding in-cabinet lighting for your kitchen’s open shelving or display cabinets. These lights can turn your kitchen storage into an eye-catching display, showcasing your culinary essentials, dishware, and decorative items.

Displaying favourite kitchen items in a well-lit culinary showcase.

Displaying favourite kitchen items in a well-lit culinary showcase.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in the context of kitchen redesign. It sets the stage for functionality, style, and comfort.

The 3 layers of lighting concept is fundamental to knowing how to strategically incorporate natural light, pendant lights, under-cabinet illumination, recessed lighting, statement chandeliers, dimmers, colourful fixtures, and in-cabinet lighting.

Understanding this principle, you’ll be ready to curate a captivating and efficient kitchen space that truly shines.

The art of kitchen lighting is all about creating an atmosphere that complements your lifestyle and enhances your culinary experiences.

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