A visual symphony of design, this luxury kitchen blends coastal aesthetics with contemporary sophistication. Wood Marble & White also extended this innovative interior design to the bathroom and walk-in dressing room.

Innovative design elements

This ‘coastal revamp’ showcases Wood Marble & White’s commitment to pushing the kitchen design envelope. The coastal aesthetic has been redefined in each design element, from bespoke cabinetry with cane inserts, to countertop materials and circular shapes that play against the formality of squared edges.

The strategic placement of decor elements and use of natural materials creates a harmonious interplay between visual appeal and innovative functionality.

Seamless integration

There is a seamless integration of natural materials with their coastal inspiration and the elements of well-appointed living. This adds up to a casual yet sophisticated experience for the homeowners.

Coastal elegance

This is an elegant interpretation of coastal interior design — infused with light tones, organic textures, and subtle marine-inspired accents — where sophistication meets the relaxed ambience of beachside living.

Personalised coastal retreat

Attention to detail is evident throughout, reflecting Wood, Marble & White’s success in creating a serene sanctuary where, with a touch of luxury, the coastal lifestyle is reimagined.

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